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07-03-2008, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Damn...150+ views and only 24 thanks/good luck to Toots?

All of you should at least say a thank you to the man who played hard ever game and gave it his all...kind of embarrassing that only a few of you took the whole 2 seconds of your life to thank him and wish him good luck...

(and for you GUESTS...sign up already will you? Join the most active hockey board on the net, the more Ranger fans the better)

To the regulars...are you serious?..cant take 2 seconds? Looks like crap when we cant even give nice farewell to a core player of 5 seasons. Its great to think of the jersey first and not the player...but this guy gave us it all when he was with us...lets not spit on him as he cleans his locker out. praying your back with us in 3 years...

like he or anyother player actually reads these threads? I don't understand how not thanking a player on these threads is inconsiderate. Above and beyond the call or moderators perhaps? More like ethics police.

Oh and BTW, Thanks for everything toots----you were a paramount figure in the rebuild and you'll be missed. Good Luck!!!

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