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07-03-2008, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by zestystrat View Post
Really, so abev's point is totally lost on you?

Originally Posted by abev
What if the question was, "Scott, could you talk about what the team will be like if Jagr does not come back?"

And what if his quote ended with "...but i really want JJ back." and that part is cut by the writer.

Think what you want, but it's not like this author hasn't stretched the truth or over hyped a situation to try to whip up people's emotions.

Case in point: the $35mil offer wasn't really that much, JJ said as much to another reporter.
Abev's point was not lost on me. You can assume whatever scenario you'd like to hypothesize about. To me, it is a classless statement no matter the context, as I have previously stated here.

I still believe the way I do no matter how you or anyone else tries to frame it at its best possible level. It is a classless stement, if true, and I haven't heard anyone say it isn't true as of yet. That is my opinion and nothing you or Abev or anyone else writes is going to change my mind about this.

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