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07-03-2008, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Kostik View Post
Meh, that Google translation really sucks

just some points from that interview...
-JJ doesn't belive he will be back
-he is not happy that Sather is not counting with him as with go-to guy, he still thinks he can do it
-Sather's final offer was 1year/6m$
-he is not happy that he was not Sather's choice #1,#2,#3...but he admits that its just business...he feels that is not needed
-Pittsburgh showed some interest
-JJ was talking about Toronto and Detroit, he adores Detroit's play and likes Toronto club
-JJ's friends are assuming that he will sign with Omsk - because Omsk "showed JJ some love", and would be go-to guy.

Personally, i think JJ is pissed off that he was not one of the re-sign priporities for Rangers. He is that kind of guy who needs to know that there is some interested in him - he now feels that is not wanted much.
Those are some of the exact reasons why it's time to move the **** on.

Sather offered 6 million for one year and Jags doesn't like that?

We are the New York Rangers, not New York Jagrs. We need to go in a different direction and run this team through a committee of players. That's what a team is.

Show us some love and go to Russia ya friggen primadonna.

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