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07-03-2008, 10:09 AM
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Now quick question which falls in-directly to our line up. Didn't Freeman say that this team was going to have the most increase in payroll out of all the other teams? Didn't he say that they were going to spend at about the mid point of the cap?

Well the salary cap FLOOR is $40.7M and a MAX of $56.7M... which would make the mid-point $48.7M

After signing Klein, Koistinen for about 550K each...adding Hornqvist for $713, 333 and Philstrom for $567, 500...subtracting Sullivan who is probably going to be forced to retirement -$3.2M

Your grand total is:

$41, 591, 920

So once again the Predators who according to Poile and Freeman are not going to be affected by Boots' situation are proving themselves false by spending less than a million dollars from the salary cap floor. This team could be VERY good if they would put the money where there mouth is. We have $6.5M to get to the salary cap mid point. But, yet again it is going to be like last season where this team is expected to win with a bare bones line up.

Detroit +Hossa
Chicago +Huet, Campbell
Columbus +Huesilius, Torres, Umberger, Tyutin, Backman, Commodore
St. Louis +Mason
Nashville +Jones, Grant....Ouch!!!!

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