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07-03-2008, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by 007 View Post
I was thinking last night about what the Zherdev trade means for the Rangers and their style of play for next season.

First off, the Rangers could become one of the best skating and stickhandling teams in the league: Gomez, Zherdev, Drury all bring a lot of speed to the ice, add to that a guy like Korpikoski, if he makes the team and there is good speed throughout the lineup. Provided Jagr re-signs (which I hope he will), the Rangers will also have a collection of players up and down the lineup who are very good at holding on to the puck and at stickhandling.

All this made me think, though: who is going to center Zherdev? The quick assumption is Gomez, but will they really work well together? They're both guys who like to carry the puck into the attacking zone, who play the best with the puck on their sticks. The difference is that Gomez always looks to pass and Zherdev will shoot more. There is a danger that the two won't work well together the way Gomez and Jagr didn't. Of course, they might click immediately and go on 100-point tears next season, too!

On an aside: is Zherdev Russian or Ukrainian?
Zherdev is Ukranian, for starters.

However... I think your wrong about Gomez. Your right about the part of them liking to carry it in, but I don't think Gomez is a puck possession player once inside the offensive zone. All Gomer does is dish it off quickly. Hopefully they do workout, though.

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