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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post

Going into the offseason we needed a pp qb and a hard hitting defenseman...The Ragners brought back Rozsvial and signed Redden to a long term contract...neither fills the needs we all saw last season...
I disagree completely. Bruisers are nice, but they don't help the team score goals. Redden fills the need of a puck-moving defenseman on the back end, his first pass out of the zone is one of the best in the league, and he's a solid, two-way defender, and he can run a PP very well, so I'm not sure why you feel no needs were addressed.

We lose Avery, Straka, Jagr, Mara, Shanny, (although that's a positive) and replace them with Fritsche, Zherdev, Voros, and Rismiller Redden, Kallinin(who will make us pine for Malik/Backman by November) and Naslund....Tell me how that's an upgrade? tell me how this team took a step forward...
It may not be an immediate step forward or upgrade, but it addresses needs for the future.

tell me who the franchise forward is going to be?
Not all teams have a franchise forward, there's only so many to go around. You tell me, who would that franchise forward be next off-season, even if we did keep Jagr around another year? The change has to be made eventually, why delay the inevitable?

Tell me how good Gomez is going to look with the top defenseman all over him next season instead of having Jagr get that role? Tell me chemstry isn't going to once again be an issue to start the season?
We'll just have to wait and see.

Tell me who the spark plug is going to be to get the team going when NOBODY has life?
So Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, none of those guys have life?

I love our prospect pool but who's ready to step up and take a spot next season? korpikoski? maybe...maybe he is...Anisimov? Is he ready? Is he somebody you want to rush to the NHL?

Will Zherdev get 30 goals next season?

Will Naslund take another step backwards?

If the Zherdev of last season shows up but what if the Zherdev of 06-07 shows up?

For all the talk about Avery being a 3rd line player playing out of postin on the 2nd line what do you guys call the potential for Callahan on the 2nd line? Or worse Sather says Shanny might be back...COME ON!! The guy looked like he retired in March 07...What's Shanny going to look like in March 09? But his leadership is just soooooooooooo important but never manifests itself when we really need it (buffalo game 5 OT Pittsburgh Game 5 OT)...ya know leadership the the thing we hear we have sooooooooo much of with Gomez, Drury, Redden, and Naslund...Great can't wait for a team of leaders taking us to the 8th spot...

We have created a hole on the top line that can't be fixed from within....We have less depth on the forward lines...This team took a HUGE step backwards and we are happy? why? I know we have a certain part of our fanbase that love the draft more than the season but a step backwards never leads to good things...

We talk about Jagr being prima-donna for wanting to be the MAN on the team yet give Gomez a pass for essentialy saying the same thing about himself in the post today (yeah but it's ok cause it seems out of character for gomez...sure.)..ya know the guy making $7M a year who looked like a 2nd line player when NOT paired with Jagr at even strength last year...Ya know the guy who gets a free pass for the woes of the power play...That guy.....

We are a borderline playoff team as it stands right now...A team that could either pick 10th in the draft or make the 8th seed.....

Now I'm gonna hear the following response..."But SoS we didn't make it past the 2nd round again!!" My answer to that is the Rangers had the pieces to build make one more run with the chemistry already established the past year.....

Sather should be fired....This team is a mess and I'm not sure why I'm in the minority here...I'll root my heart out (like always) but I have zero expecations next season.....i need to go get a beer and calm down....
This is the nature of the beast. Teams change, it's all one big revolving door, always has been. But at least this team we have a core of players established, starting between the pipes. With Lundqvist in net for the next 6 years and hopefully longer, that gives us one of the best foundations in the league all by itself.

The Rangers' future is bright for the first time in over a decade, so relax, be patient, and enjoy it. This is what most of us have been clamoring for, for years.

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