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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post

Going into the offseason we needed a pp qb and a hard hitting defenseman...The Ragners brought back Rozsvial and signed Redden to a long term contract...neither fills the needs we all saw last season...

We lose Avery, Straka, Jagr, Mara, Shanny, (although that's a positive) and replace them with Fritsche, Zherdev, Voros, and Rismiller Redden, Kallinin(who will make us pine for Malik/Backman by November) and Naslund....Tell me how that's an upgrade? tell me how this team took a step forward...tell me who the franchise forward is going to be? Tell me how good Gomez is going to look with the top defenseman all over him next season instead of having Jagr get that role? Tell me chemstry isn't going to once again be an issue to start the season? Tell me who the spark plug is going to be to get the team going when NOBODY has life? I love our prospect pool but who's ready to step up and take a spot next season? korpikoski? maybe...maybe he is...Anisimov? Is he ready? Is he somebody you want to rush to the NHL?

Will Zherdev get 30 goals next season?

Will Naslund take another step backwards?

If the Zherdev of last season shows up but what if the Zherdev of 06-07 shows up?

For all the talk about Avery being a 3rd line player playing out of postin on the 2nd line what do you guys call the potential for Callahan on the 2nd line? Or worse Sather says Shanny might be back...COME ON!! The guy looked like he retired in March 07...What's Shanny going to look like in March 09? But his leadership is just soooooooooooo important but never manifests itself when we really need it (buffalo game 5 OT Pittsburgh Game 5 OT)...ya know leadership the the thing we hear we have sooooooooo much of with Gomez, Drury, Redden, and Naslund...Great can't wait for a team of leaders taking us to the 8th spot...

We have created a hole on the top line that can't be fixed from within....We have less depth on the forward lines...This team took a HUGE step backwards and we are happy? why? I know we have a certain part of our fanbase that love the draft more than the season but a step backwards never leads to good things...

We talk about Jagr being prima-donna for wanting to be the MAN on the team yet give Gomez a pass for essentialy saying the same thing about himself in the post today (yeah but it's ok cause it seems out of character for gomez...sure.)..ya know the guy making $7M a year who looked like a 2nd line player when NOT paired with Jagr at even strength last year...Ya know the guy who gets a free pass for the woes of the power play...That guy.....

We are a borderline playoff team as it stands right now...A team that could either pick 10th in the draft or make the 8th seed.....

Now I'm gonna hear the following response..."But SoS we didn't make it past the 2nd round again!!" My answer to that is the Rangers had the pieces to build make one more run with the chemistry already established the past year.....

Sather should be fired....This team is a mess and I'm not sure why I'm in the minority here...I'll root my heart out (like always) but I have zero expecations next season.....i need to go get a beer and calm down....
I could not disagree with more. This is not just about this year; this is the next major step towards the construction of this team the way Ranger management envisioned when they finally broke everything down in 2004, and started a major rebuild on the fast track. First off, this whole process is not just about Sather; it comes with input from Schoenfeld, Renney (the two most important architects) and Clark and his scouting staff, Graves and right down to Gernander. Slowly, the rangers are adding player that fit what Renney is trying to do on this ice. Through the draft, the Rangers first went after safe bets, with character - the Callahans, Dubinskys, Korpikoskis - hard worker who give a full night's effort. They then attacked the defense - Staal, Sauer and Sanguinetti. Now you've got a solid base of prospects, so you add more risk/reward types - Anisimov, then Cherepanov and this year Grachev and Del Zotto. The farm is solid. All along, you've got the continuous influx of young talent, the young talent that had the mental toughness to make to NY. The truth is, the 2005-6 was not supposed to make the playoffs, and was in fact the least talented team Ranger fans have seen on the ice in a long time. They were prepared to go to war with Kevin Weekes as the starting goalie...enough said. But, they made a calculated guess that surrounding the holdover, moody former superstar, that they could not get rid of at the prior trading deadline might play better if they placating him and made him more comfortable. And, surprise of all surprises, they were actually successful And, in the process they and the fans wanted more. So, they tried to gear things to go deeper into the playoffs, and they eventually did. But, watching that team, they realized they needed players to get them from that playoff team to the future they envisioned. So they sign sign Gomez and Drury. And, infuse more of the player they expect to be a big part of the future. But, as they watched their fading stars...Jagr, Shanny and Straka, all show serious serious declines in their respective games, they realized that a break had to be made. I would have loved to have Jagr back. but, the truth is , even he admitted he had to pace himself last year. He's now a year older, after another grueling playoff...why should we expect him to not have to pace himself even more this year. And, that's someone you want to build upon for the upcoming season? I've said this elsewhere, but, Jagr built the bridge to carry us out of the dark years prior to the lockout. But, in truth, I don't think he was ever meant to be a part of the roster that Ranger brass envisioned they were building after the trade deadline of 2004.

As for the acquisitions themselves -

1) There is not a player on free agent market that fit the Rangers actual needs more than Redden. Redden at his best, is a top pairing D-man, and, even moreso as he mentors the development of his partner Marc Staal. Redden is the prototype D-man that Redden sees when he constructs his system - (cue the Sens trolls). Frankly, the contract is $9 million too much, and 1 year too long for my liking, but, thank Chicago for overpaying Brian Campbell. I know the criticism that come with Redden. All I know is, his presence makes Rozsival a better D-man, now that Rozsival doesn't have to be a 31 D-man.

2) Zherdev/Fritsche - this is type of deal I've envisioned the Rangers making when they actually properly built the farm system - a quality prospect is developed, and traded for a need, when that player gets passed on the depth chart. Fritsche is the hidden gem in that deal

3) Naslund/Kalinin - I'm not overjoyed by the Naslund signing; however, he's got a much better contract, and provides a bridge until Cherepanov is ready. We also no longer have to run a PP through him, and, should no longer have player passing up scoring opportunities because he's on the ice. He also wants to play here. as for Kalinin, he becomes the replacement for Tyutin, and allows the Rangers to move Girardi back to the 3rd line D pairing where he have a more talented and deeper defense.

I like where this franchise stands right now. it's still a playoff team, and it's younger players are starting to become a big part of its identity. I'm not sure what more Ranger fans can ask.

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