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07-03-2008, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by FromAnisimov2Zherdev View Post
SOS, what would you have done to make this team better? I'm really curious.
I don't know how to answer this question without being all over the place but I'll try!

To me it goes back to last off-season when they didn't sign Avery to a 2 or 3 year contract before arbitration. They could've had him for $3.0M a year and they blew it then....

I would NOT have resigned Shanny...I would've put that money towards signing Lundqvist long term last summer. It would've made the cap hit start last season but chances are you would've been able to sign him for less money.

I would've addressed the Jagr situation as soon as it became a reality that he wasn't hitting his bonus. The Rangers should've talked to Jagr throughout the offseason..

If they didn't want Jagr back your telling me Markus Naslund is the backup plan? I just don't see it...If Jagr was plan B or plan C the Rangers didn't have to make it so obvious...They screwed themselves..

On Tuesday when Rolston signed with the Devils instead of the Rangers it really hit me.... that all things being equal a good free agent isn't going to sign with the us because what kind of team are they signing with?? Going into Free Agency having FOUR top 6 forwards unsigned is makes no gives you know's the reason you get Naslund for two years over Hossa... (who was probably the target although I don't agree with it)

I would've signed either Redden or Rozsival...Not both...BTW how motivated is Rozisval going to be signed to a $5M contract without Jagr? I love Rozsivals game but it's legit question.....

I don't think Sather had a plan, I think he guessed wrong on a lot of important choices in the past year....

I hope I'm wrong and I probably am wrong...I'm the guy behind the keyboard Sather/Clarke/Renney they are the ones paid to do this I just don't have to agree with it..I think this team took two steps backwards....

Eitherway I'll be rooting for them to win it will just be a much different team to root for...

I have a question for everybody...

Is this team rebuilding or are they trying to make the playoffs with THIS roster?

You can't do both...(As EVERY GM has tried and failed at here.)

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