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07-03-2008, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Like you, i'd be fine with him on a bottom line....but the problem is, the second the offense on one of the top 2 lines goes sour Renney's solution will to put Shanny there. And he'll stay there. Also, the first injury that occurs on the top 2 lines means Shanny is back playing on the 2nd line.

Renney is in love with Shanny and loves to play him, so you can also bet your last buck that he would be on the PP.

It's just not worth it. Renney will still use him on the top 2 lines in someway. And when he does that he will be bringing the line down again.
Then I repeat what I said earlier, if that's the case than it's a moot point because the Rangers are in trouble anyway.

If they aren't scoring - e're in trouble.

If there is an injury to the top two lines - we're in trouble.

If Renney isn't a good enough coach to make the right decisions - we're in trouble.

But if we don't even have a coach that we believe will make the right moves than what arguing about anyway because the team isn't going to do much of anything.

That's like getting on a flight and saying "Well the pilot is drunk and inexperienced, but at least the movie is good." At that point, iy's really the least of the concerns.

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