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07-04-2008, 02:57 AM
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Originally Posted by 2Leetch_94 View Post
We lose one star player in Jagr this off-season. I hope you're not considering Shanahan, Avery, and Straka as "stars" production wise. Based on name alone, really. Hell, if we want count stars that way, Naslund and Redden are two huge stars we've added the last few days.

Nothing against Jagr but let's not pretend like we're losing the Jagr of the first year back from the lockout where he was on the ice and literally made things happen almost every shift. Or the Jagr that could score at will on the powerplay instead of the Jagr we've had the last two seasons where our powerplay was a complete and utter joke. No, I'm not blaming the entire powerplay woes on Jagr but the fact remains we ran that first unit through him.

Losing Jagr will hurt us in some ways, but I think people don't realize that it could help us in other ways as well. Like giving our 14Men more of a leadership role, instead of taking the backseat to Jagr.

It's okay to be down on some of the moves, like losing Avery and Jagr, but let's not act like we're fielding a roster of nobodies with no potential and there's no bright light in sight. That's simply isn't true and if you truly believe that, drama was probably a subject of yours in middle school and HS.

That's my thing really. It's okay to say "Mmm, I probably wouldn't have done that." But a lot of this is more than that, it's like this doomsday, the Rangers are screwed beyond belief mentality and I just don't think that's the case.

I don't think it's a given that there plan will work, but I don't think we can is a certainty to fail either.

I think the people who like the move are more willing to accept that it might fail than the people who hate the move are willing to say that it might work. And from the looks of the poll it seems to be a small, but very vocal minority.

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