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07-04-2008, 04:28 AM
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I had that positive view in the late 90's every offseason and to be honest this is just giving me that same funny feeling..........I don't like it. But back then it was Brendl who was gonna come in and net us that 30 + goals, oh and Lundmark was gonna be our franchise center, and Manny Malhotra being our captain. I could go on and on and on. Lots of "promise" but very little performance, and worst of all not being bad enough to get a really good draft pick and just go on and on and on.
Detroit is built around guys they got without really high draft picks. Same with Anaheim and even NJ. Other teams have built themselves by drafting smart, that is the key.

But you just cannot compare prospects to a 23-year old who already has 75 NHL goals under his belt with a bad team.

In fact I just think you can compare the two eras at all. Two very different prospect cupboards, two very different team approaches and two very different ideas of working in youth. Those teams never would've had two wingers under the age of 25 in their top 6. They never would've had three defenseman 28 and under, etc.

As a fan that loves the team I don't ever want that to happen again, if we suck I want to suck really bad to get ATLEAST a top 5 pick. I think we can all agree we won't suck bad enough for that top 5 pick and the main question is can we make the playoffs as a low seed? To me that sets us up for that senario perfectly.
To me is sounds like perfect scenario for paranoia and ulcers.

Ths difference between this team and those teams are the young talent we already have playing in the NHL and the young talent we have knocking on the door.

Heck even Gomez, a veteran at this point, it's still only 28. It's just a very different situation.

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