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07-04-2008, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
Any successful team must have a core of 8 or 9 D they can use during the course of a season. Dmen are the most injury prone players in hockey. You need your 6 regulars plus a 7th guy you can plug in on game day if one of your regulars is ill or down. This same guy can fill in for a game or two if needed. Struds filled that role admirably last year. You need a guy or two down in the minors who you have confidence can fill in if there is a longer term injury.
The way I see it is we need to sign Mara. He is a competent NHL D, not the player it was thought he would be, but OK. With Kalinin's injury problems, we need a proven player to be our 6th guy. W/O a proven guy, an injury would reduce us to 4. Asking your top 4 to play 30 minutes a night for a stretch of games isn't realistic.
Our crop at Hartford does not inspire confidence. This would have been Baranka's year. I'm not sold on Potter. Sauer is a possibility but needs more time. Fahey has been a solid AHLer and seems like a lifer in the league, but could get a sniff. Sangs is not ready.
Bottom line: sign Mara.
First off I think they can do whatever the hell they want on D............but I think Redden and Girardi is just fine......give the guy more credit

As for depth I think they will have plenty of young players to back up the top 6

Pock, Potter, Sauer, Sanguinetti.........they signed that Fahey dude for the minors.............also I imagine that other young kids will be coming up and Strudwick would be a good Hartford captain

I think Staal and Rozsival worked well together too

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