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07-04-2008, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
And once again I ask..why? Was he holding a gun to Renneys head?

He is NOT the coach. Is renney so weak he has to give into what jagr wants and cant coach it how he wants?

If so then Renney needs to get the hell out. No need for a coach who cant think for himself.
I love Jagr, wanted to cry when we signed naslund because I knew it meant JJ wasnt coming back. But we have to be honest, Renney had to walk a fine line with Jagr. JJ had a rep for quitting on teams and coaches if he didnt get what he wanted. Renney did a wonderful job by employeeing an ideal of mutual respect between himself and Jags and it worked out great for us. Did jagr have a gun to renneys head, NO, but could he have been the biggest thorn Renney ever had in his side, YES. Jags and Renney are both class acts in my opinion and they compromised on alot of things, but if renney would have forced jagrs hand we could have had one very disgruntled superstar...
So inline with this thread I think the offense can change a bit from its jagrcentric past few years (which i had no problem with cus jagr was good enough to have a jagrcentric offense). I'm not bashing JJ at all, but his departure opens up so many different line possibilities, powerplay units and strangely enough a more open offensive system (one not based on puck control, but transition and speed). Jagrs line would dominate for sure, but they trap the defense in their own zone for minutes at a time and come away with 1 shot, which always drove me nuts...
No one controls the play Jags, not sid, ovechkin, malkin, none of them can control the puck like JJ and I'm gonna miss that like crazy, but its time we turned the team over to the two centers we paid 15 mill a year for, I believe they've earned their shot at leadership here....

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