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07-04-2008, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by TheLastoftheBest11 View Post
I still think that the Oilers have the better forward core. We have a pretty even Defense altogether, we are just better at different aspects of the game.

which line would you rather prefer?

Bourque-Lombardi-Moss/FA or Penner-Horcoff-Nilsson?

Edge to the Oil on this one.

Glencross/Nystrom-Conroy-Moss/Boyd or Schremp-Cogliano-Brule?

Calgary due to Brule not being as good as you think he is and Schremp not having lots of experience in the NHL. I like Cog's but think he would benefit playing with your 4th line players more. This is a bad line IMO.

Nystrom/Glencross-Primeau-Prust or Moreau-Brodziak-Pisani

Pisani is the best player here and he will most likely be on your 3rd line when all is said and done. Slight edge to Oil.

Greentree is a AHL'er, we might resign Nolan and Yelle that changes things quite a bit.

And when even comparing the first lines:

Camalleri-Langkow-Iginla or Cole-Gagner-Hemsky, I would definitely prefer the latter.

Why? only a fool would pass that 1st line up.

Camalleri and Cole are pretty much non-existent as both are not speculated to return to their respective teams once they hit UFA next season.

I bet we sign an extension on Camalleri.

And when it comes down to Langkow-Iginla or Gagner-Hemsky, I would much rather go with Hemsky and Gagner for the long run. Even if you have the better top line currently, we have the better forward core, but everyone here doesn't seem

Everyone has their opinion and you on a FLAMES BOARD! Any your argument seem like they came from a 16 year old.
I for one think the Oil will do the same as they did last year, they improved up front but that was not their concern last year. Maybe they will make playoffs, I would bet they are going to struggle to get the 8th spot though.

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