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Originally Posted by TheLastoftheBest11 View Post
Better Forwards, PERIOD. On Defense it Varies, Flames have Better Goaltending, PERIOD

Im not being a homer for that poster who said that about me, If you think Im a homer you must think the same thing about all Oil fans, and we could say the same about the Flames fans.
you are allowed to have your opinion but because u post on a flames board, we are allowed to criticize your opinion

you are putting too much emphasis on potential... schremp has all the skill and ability from a prospect point of view.. but the question isn't about that.. its about who can perform the best in the NHL THIS season..

the main difference between the flames and the oilers group of forwards is proven experience... our group of forwards have shown what they can and can not do in the NHL... while noone is disputing the POTENTIAL the oilers have upfront, they have not shown the ability to perform at that expected potential yet.. therefore, if you are comparing this years group of forwards between the flames and the oilers, (u can extend it to the defense core as well), then the flames have as good if not a better group of forwards than the oilers

noone is disputing that gagner is a potential great player.. but to expect him to play at iginla's level (leader of the team on and off the ice, 25+ minutes a night, plays in all situations, plays hard and physical, throws hits, plays defensively, grinds it out, has decent footspeed, great wrist shot and slapshot, strong on his feet, hard to knock off the puck, and the heart of a champion) in the next few years is foolish... it took iginla 10 years of NHL experience to get to his level which is a bonafide power forward in the NHL who is consistently in the top 10 of scoring and a perennial hart trophy candidate

gagner may score 100 pts one day.. but so can jason spezza.. would u rather have iggy on ur team or spezza? thats the difference between iginla today and perhaps gagner in the future

hemsky is a different story.. he has been in the NHL for awhile now and where he showed great potential (similar to gagner) in his early years, he has fallen off of his learning curve and currently has plateaued as a soft winger who has all the skill to dipsy and doodle but refuses to shoot the puck or drive the puck to the net.. if hemsky wants to elevate his game and become a 100 pt player, he has to work on shooting the puck more as well as other aspects of his game

brule again is unproven.. he has shown grit and speed as a rookie but since his injuries, he has yet to show it consistently.. he may be able to break out of it this year but we dont know that yet

cogliano, nilsson and schremp are kinda in a similar boat.. young guys with great assets to their game whether its speed, puckhandling or their shot.. but the problem again is they are unproven players at the NHL level to be able to bring the same thing every night

to me, cogliano has more of the potential to become todd marchant and geoff sanderson but he hasn't showed the consistency yet, mainly cuz he is young.. there is of course time but again my point is since we are comparing the two teams for this season, you can't take into account potential because it means nothing in a current season... the penguins (from 2-3 yrs ago), capitals (from 2-3 yrs ago) and the current kings have teams with loads of potential.. they have great young players.. how come they perennially were in the bottom half of the league? because they hadn't matured to the level where they could translate their potential to actual results

so yes, the whole point of this is to acknowledge the potential that the oilers have upfront.. but other than a few key guys (horcoff, cole, moreau, etc) who have shown what they can bring, you can't say that the oilers are a better group this year becuase they haven't matured to their peak levels yet.. they are still in the process

would i like to have some of the young guys that the oilers have? sure.. gagner will be a great player for the oilers.. but if i had to win THIS season, id stick with the forwards that the flames have

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