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07-04-2008, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by TheLastoftheBest11 View Post
Lets compare the Flames and Oilers lineups currently

Glencross-Conroy-Nolan(hell most likely resign)






Yeah, here are some thoughts:

1.) You didn't even bother to explain the purpose. The BOA is nothing but media hype and competition among young fans of the cities. The real BOA was back when Semenko and Hunter needed no introductions. If there's any rivalry at all, it lacks the intensity.

2.) Why would the Flames have to be guaged against what the Oilers do? This like a large segment of the CP population, who obsess over everything Edmonton/Kevin Lowe. You might just as well have trolled the Canucks board to go Oilers vs. Canucks.

Then you turn around and respond to every reply that you don't like. Post padding used to be an offense at HF. We digress. You blew whatever ounce of credibility you might've had by trying to claim that Vishnovsky was, somehow, better than Phaneuf. Phaneuf hasn't even hit his ceiling yet. He is the kind of d-man that can have a team built around him. Mentioning him in the same breadth as Scott Stevens and Denis Potvin isn't so extreme, although those two were directly responsible for contributing to dynasties.

Robyn Regehr were hyped as having "Adam Foote upside." For all the hot air about about Morris having "whispers of Chelios," there was plenty of reason to be cynical. As was already stated, the Team Canada selections proved what kind of esteem Regehr's game is held by observers who know what the frig they're talking about. Compare this with how Brewer was only there because of Lowe.

THe claim that Gagner & Hemsky are going to be 100 point guys. In what league? Line up even an average checking line against Hemsky, give a few shoves early in the first period, and he's quiet for the rest of the evening.

Bottom line:

You infiltrated this board just to say, "my team is better." Seriously, why should anyone care about you or your team?

Gee, so the Flames have a better goalie. Thanks. It'll be so much easier to enjoy today, content in that knowledge.

Oh, and the rosters aren't set yet. Much can, and will, change between now and October.

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