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07-04-2008, 01:17 PM
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I think its hilarious, Oiler fans make a lot of guesses, and they do it year after year.

Now Shremp, Brule and Gogliano one player who can't crack the NHL, one player who's done nothing in the NHL and one I'll admit nice player are far better then a line of Glencross, Conroy and Boyd. Based on what? potential? Mod-edit: deleted.

And there is no comparison between Vish and Phaneuf. Souray is a one dimensional injury prone defenseman and comparing him to one of the best shutdown defensemen in the NHL.

And Cammalleri Langkow and Iginla blows away Cole Hemsky and Gagne, right now this year.

Hey I like Cole, but he's older and his numbers have declined. he scored 51 points in 73 games last year, Cammalleri scored 47 in 63. Sorry Cammalleri right now is the younger and better player.

Everyone keeps telling me that Hemsky is going to hit 100 points, year after year. But he never does, give up that train. he's a nice player that hits 70 points and maybe 20 goals. Langkow is a consistant scorer who's come off of his second 30 point season, and guess what, hes a better two way player then Ales.

And Iginla versus Gagne, over rating Gagne a bit, he scored what 13 goals and 49 points, Iginla scored 50 and pretty much 100. This comparison is not even close until Gagne proves it.

gilbert might be better then Aucoin but we don't know because Gilbert's played one season, we'll see how he does when his defensive responsibilites ramp up

Right now I'll take the Flames defense, I'll take the Flames goaltending, and I'll take the Flames toughness.

Oiler fans can take their fantasies.

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