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07-04-2008, 01:20 PM
Dions shoulder
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Why do Oilers fans do this to themselves?

Remember that year they thought they would score 300 in 06/07? They ended up being dead last in the entire league.

The Oilers simply do not have a playoff worthy forward group. Gagne scores 13 goals in his full rookie season and you think he is as good as Iginla? Jesus Christ. That is ludicrous.

Flames lost 2 soft players who combined for 43 goals. Cammalleri scored 34 goals in his only full season, and the Flames changed their bottom six from guys who score 0-3 goals a season to guys that score 5-15 goals a season.

Quote me: The Flames will once again be the highest scoring team in the NW, or second if Colorado isnt plagued with injuries again.

No Oiler player will outscore Iginla or Cammalleri, only Hemsky will outscore Langkow (because of assists).

Gagne will get 14-17 goals and 40-45 points.

Flames forwards > Oilers Forwards

Flames Defencemen > Oilers Defencemen

Flames Defencemen >>> Oilers Defencemen

Flames Goaltending >> Oilers Goaltending (and thats if Kipper once again has his bad season)

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