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babblefish (russian to english)

OUR [YUNIORY] IN NORTH AMERICA This summer Russian [yuniory], as if after arranging for, at one stroke after glass rod they jerked into North America. Towards the dream. To the encounter with [NKHL]. [Filatov], [Voynov], Varlam, Tikhonov, Makarov - this only most known of them. But there are the ten additional talents, which were left to break through in [NKHL] through the [yuniorskie] leagues. In the past year not many dared to a similar journey. One of them - the 20-year defender of Pavel [Valentenko].

It was usual young fellow from provincial- industrial Nijhnekamsk. Its talent did not strike, but it was revealed under the fixed view. In its 16 years they took in the second command “petroleum chemistry”. It did not drive in heads and it did not return [golevykh] transfers, but in the protection it appeared excellently. Inconspicuous, pale, then reliable and disciplined - so about it spoke. In one of its series matches examined the scout “of Montreal” Nikolai [Vakurov]. According to his recommendation in 2006 “Of [kanadiens]” of [zadraftoval] [Valentenko] in the distant fifth round. In 19 years Pavel, as the majority of the feeding hopes young defenders, played in the fourth five for the native club in the super-league. The play time of crumb, but it is nevertheless better than to sit on the bench. Everything changed, when they invited it into the youth team of Russia. To the then teacher “of [molodezhki]” to Eugene To [popikhinu] lower-Kama “stay-at-home” caught the fancy by outstanding rolling, combatant nature and slaughter flick. So [Valentenko] it went to the world championship to Sweden and won silver, after becoming in this case the main opening of tournament among the defenders.

However, on the return in native “petrochemist” him again waited the fourth five and irregular appearance on ice. It [obozlilsya], after deciding at any cost to leave from Russia. “I - NOT SUPERSTAR” - After world championship “Montreal” immediately proposed to me three year contract, recalls the history of departure [Valentenko]. - It considered not second. Indeed about [NKHL] it dreamed entire life. And money for me meant nothing. I knew, that to me only 20 years and that this chance falls out once in the life. Yes, I did not know English and it was ready for the fact that the first season I will conduct in [AKHL]. I indeed not superstar! But in [AKHL] the also outstanding level of hockey. Small areas, mad speeds, power fight - the same [kayf], adrenaline! To me on the soul rigid hockey, game is the bone into the bone. This is my style. However, in Russia this is not encouraged. -

As you they did meet after the ocean? - It is noticeable. Even it did not expect. On September 7 began collections with “Montreal”. Greatly it astonished, that in Canada so they love Russians. Not the least hint to the discrimination or the antagonism. To be mastered me helped brothers [Kostitsyny]. For “[Kanadiens]” even played one exhibition match against “[Aylenders]”. It left and understood that it was not ready physically. All around rush, they run as brought, and I as if into the funnel of hurricane pleased. It was lost. Ten did not know minutes what to make. So that debut, can be said, it failed. Four weeks it was trained with “Montreal”. But in the week prior to the beginning of championship in [NKHL] me sent into the pharm- club - “Hamilton [Buldogs]”. -

Which by itself is pharm-? - It is territorial Hamilton in 40 minutes of ride from Toronto. Quite near Niagra waterfall - beauty, which it is compulsorily necessary to see once in the life. In other respects - usual [polumillionnyy] city. Besides hockey, no temptations. “Bulldogs” - the acting champions OF [AKHL], the possessors of the goblet of Colder (analog of the Stanley Cup in [NKHL]). Palace to 15 thousand spectators always under the string. Command [ofigenno] friendly! He thought that such only in the American cinema is. Always to you something they prompt, advise, they nurse. Captain each day is interested: how the matters, what problems how to help? I could not understand: they do develop, that whether? Then it became accustomed. In them it is so accepted - to surround foreigners by attention and to help with any situation. YOU " TEACH ENGLISH” -

Which was most complex at first? - Is certain, ignorance of English. The more it moved in its study, the more comfortably it felt itself in Canada. At the end season finally it was mastered. Even into leave to leave it was not desirable. So that all young, who will go to play for the ocean, I advise to without delay teach language. And then many problems it will be possible to avoid. - In the everyday plan as the life of [obustroili]? - In [AKHL] everything, that it is not connected with the hockey, is exclusive for their calculation. But wage nevertheless is sufficient with the interest. Saves subscribed of [bonus]. Thus, apartment we removed to the pair with Sergey [Kostitsyn]. But in December it they " raised” into “Montreal”, and I remained one. In the morning for the training. Then dinner - be dragged along although entire day on the sofa. Since I do not know how to prepare, it walked to reap supper into the restaurant. -

From the boredom they did not die? - No. Video games and computer rescued. On the Internet it always associated with the friends. Yes even the graph of the games of such, what to be bored there is no time. True, we do not burn into the play off. Then personally I fell on another play off - [NKHL]. Me and two additional children they called just in case into “Montreal”. Suddenly who will be traumatized. It was trained with the stars, lived in the hotel, and in the evening was immersed in the atmosphere “Bell center”. “[Kanadiens]” in the first round play off played with “Boston”. 22 thousand spectators, super-hockey on ice, not forgotten by show - I perceived itself with the visitor of Disneyland. As a result they passed our into the second round. But after last game fans arranged present pogrom in the city. Patrol machines next to my hotel directly burnt entire night, and police helicopters flew above the roof. -

What is championship [AKHL]? In what difference from super-leagues? - [AKHL] - this is the rabid graph of games. Matches almost in a day other day. In the league of 29 commands, broken into six battalions. It is necessary to conduct 82 games in seven months. It is very heavy. Somehow it was necessary to play three matches in four days.

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