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07-05-2008, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
How big is Tank now? How is his skating? Hockey sense?
I think he is 6'2, 220lbs.

His skating is fine for the most part. He has a good stride, decent pace and is strong on his skates. Could maybe use a little work on agility but skating isn't a weakness for him. Obviously, there might be some issues once he makes the NHL but some time to adjust will deal with that. The big thing for him will be his decision making. Once he gets that right at the NHL level, he'll look very much at home. He struggled early last year with that and as stated, he was all over the place. The occasional great play but spent a lot of time taking himself out of position, it was painful to watch at times. But later in the year he got it sorted and was one of the best (if not the best) Dman. Very late on (when the team was truly sunk) a couple of mistakes crept back into his game, but not many. He still put in the effort though. Several times last year, he had a knack for making big defensive plays. Diving for the puck, angling someone off perfectly, standing someone up on their way to the Dogs net. If he does more of that, he'll get a look in with Montreal at some point.

Offensively,he can carry the puck fairly well and has some good passing abilities, although is a little inconsistent, but it was his first year. I found his passing to be more impressive the further up the ice he was (for the most part). Made a couple of very Markov-esque passes in the offensive zone. If he can do that more often, and if he can work on that shot a little to increase effectiveness, he could be a good PP guy.

Otherwise, works his rear off which shows when his decision making is on. Protects his teammates, has the potential to break the opposition in half on any given shift and protects the front of his net. I've mentioned it many times before, but diving to block a slapshot, from a few feet away, with your head, with a minute and change in a game, when you are up by 4 goals - not many guys will make those plays. Great kid, can't wait for him to develop fully.

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