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Originally Posted by Barnaby
Lundmark is fiesty? Lundmark fights? Prucha is a little extreme, but some of his points are valid. He annoys goaltenders, and defenseman? What Lundmark did you see?

I've seen him fray away from a ton of hits... one thing that bothered me was that he didn't seem willing to take a hit to make the play.

Lundmark is a winger NOT a center. He plays much better when he doesnt center IMHO. (Not towards you, just my opinion )

He skated hard this year? My biggest concern about Lundmark is that he didn't. He seemed to be stuck in neutral all year which was unexceptable.

I think he could be a decent 2nd linw winger, but I think he could use a change in scenery. I would shop him around. I wouldn't give him away, but if a fair offer came along then I'd really look at it.
lundmark played his best hockey as a winger and for that I will agree, however this is no reason to say he can or cant be successful as a center, he was clearly mismanaged Ie malhotra and maybe if he had some confidence he could be successful as a center

again who were his wingers when he played center? jed ortmeyer and lacouture, now is that a recipe for success for a kid who is struggling?

yes i did see him skate very hard throughout the year, rarely did i complain about that, my complaints were the bad penalties he took in the neutral zone when he was out of gas or just being lazy, but i saw alot of hustle from him and lack of speed is not one of his weaknesses

no i have not seen him fray away from hits at all, i can honestly never say that i saw lundmark go out of his way to avoid boardwork or going into a corner and i attended about 7 games this year in which he played with and watched every game

as for his defensive play, i do not think he really improved in that area, i felt that ortmeyer carried the penalty kill unit of lundmark-ortmeyer and it was quite noticeable that when ortmeyer was hurt lundmark was pretty much useless killing penalties

lastly as for the lundmark i saw, was the one who was going to the net at the end of the season straight to the crease after shots trying to annoy goalies and defensemen... as in the lundmark that may be finally getting it

as for disrespecting your opinion, i didnt attack you personally all i said was i feel that theory is crap, which it is. how do you know how he will play in edmonton? why will he suddenly decide to step up his game there and not here? it doesnt make any sense at all, henceforth its not valid. if you didnt like my choice of words thats fine, but get over it, instead of saying im disrespecting you, why dont you tell me why it isnt crap?

as for fighting, i never said he was a goon or an enforcer, but hes no nedved or hlavac out there swinging his purse, whereas those would be 2 players i would consider soft

the rangers need to make up their mind as to what they want from lundmark... 2nd line center, 2nd line winger, 3rd line center, 4th line center etc. He has to play a different game to be successful at those different positions, i will certainly agree jaime needs to work harder, however when your being shifted all around like malhotra with no clear job, its got to be frustrating

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