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07-05-2008, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Panthers_Fan View Post
I know your right it's just eating me up that we're on the verge of letting another star player leave the organization for nothing. I really think you're overrating Vermette and Mezaros though. If they had such high upsides Ottawa wouldn't have a problem dishing out 4m for Mezaros and however much Vermette is asking.
This has been something that I've gone over before. Ottawa doesn't have much interest in keeping Vermette around when we're currently lacking on Defensive depth, and Meszaros would be more likely to stay in the event that we aren't able to get someone who is a significant upgrade. Meszaros also has growing pains, and it's hard to imagine that he'd be the Sens best choice to run their PP next season seeing as he's only 22. 2 years from now, he's going to be much better but currently we just have too many young Defense men to string together a competitive lineup next season.

I can understand what a huge loss losing your star blueliner might be, I really wouldn't be that happy if we lost Spezza or Heatley either. The offer your getting from Ottawa isn't bad though, most importantly it doesn't mean that the Panthers have to tank and recoup picks, they get young players, a pick and at least something to build from.

btw, I hope you guys don't mind me hanging around here because I think it's a bit understandable that I'm a bit excited at the possibility of picking up Bouw. It would be a very smart move for the Sens and it would help make the prospect pipeline we have work much more smoothly.

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