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06-07-2004, 09:02 PM
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Nah i dont think i need to "learn to read better at all." you said you think he might wake up and play harder in edmonton, so its your idea, or your theory, so calm down with the english lesson, unless this isnt your idea and your stealing it, which i doubt.

so still what are you basing your opinion on that lundmark will play better in edmonton? where is that thought coming from? it doesnt make any sense and thats why i questioned it.

My description is way off? well hey thats your opinion, i think if you ask anyone on this board to describe lundmark you will get a response as such
he took bad penalties
he wasnt good on faceoffs or offensively
he was also hurt for a large portion of the season
he was also constantly shifted into different positions and different lines
his defensive play was inconsistent

i dont think your overall response will say he lacked overall effort, because there was effort, but he certainly wasnt as hungry as ortmeyer, but besides barnaby and jagr who else on this team was?
i dont think people will say he is soft and avoided contact like you claim
I know people wont say he lack speed

id have more respect for you if you just came out and said you just dislike lundmark and rather he not come back, then make up reasons for us to get rid of him

again your post contradicts itself, you say lundmark doesnt hustle yet when he comes off the ice he is huffing and puffing, well that means he was hustling and is out of breath, maybe he needs to work on his conditioning, however thats something you and i know nothing about, being we are not NY ranger trainers or coaches, but if you see he is huffing and puffing its probably from skating hard

as for being outplayed by ortmeyer and lacouture, ill agree he was outplayed by ortmeyer, however that is from an effort standpoint and thats all, ortmeyer gave more effort and his hustle was more noticeable, but you cant compare their play, ortmeyer isnt expected to score goals, lundmark was, ortmeyer knew his role on the 4th line, lundmark flipped between lines 2 and 4 plus limited powerplay time, and as for lacouture, ill disagree, either i noticed d-lac for his fighting or the random goal he scored, otherwise he was invisible

heres another thought for you, being that im pretty sure in another thread you want jessiman to sign an ahl contract so he can be with better coaches and learn more

well look at who was lundmark's coach was this year, sather, maybe if lundmark had a good coach who would push him we would see better results, but as you even argued for jessiman, he needs better coaches, id say lundmark falls into that category

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