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07-05-2008, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by theMessiah1194 View Post
I was waiting for a Sather thread. I actually was going to make one, but since the board as been a cluster **** of threads lately I didn't. Insted, I just posted my thoughts in the are we better? thread. Here it is.

THe Ranger Way


Until Sather is gone expect for this team to continue its so failed recent past with him at the helm. WIll there ever be an offseason where he doesn't sign a million free agents and drastically alter this team?? Is anyone else feeling the same as I am. IMO, this team needed some help on D (ONE new D man) and a decent scoring winger for GOmez, maybe another forward to replace Straka and maybe a depth signing. THats it. Keep realitivly the same team intact with some minor tweaks and see how they play out a 2nd season together. Insted he decideds to go ape **** on the market.....AGAIN. I hate this guy, his old tricks are back in pre-lockout form. Can't wait til mid Jan. when this team is finally getting it together (if at all) and has to go on a tear to get the 6-8 spot. Only reason we make the POs these last yrs and probably this upcoming one as oppose to the pre-lockout seasons is that we have a stellar goaltender and a decent defense. End rant.
I think Sather has an actual plan in mind and has been working the past few offseasons to change the team to reach that goal. I think that eventually, the team will solidify and stop changing so much, once the hoped for team and style is reached.

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