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06-07-2004, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
crying about his knee is BS. he showed little when he played. stop making excuses for this wasted talent. i know the organization is ass-backwards blah blah blah. yet other kids that were given a shot showed they can play with heart.
ortmeyer balej lampman tjutin and countless others.
i love your examples, they completely prove my point

ortemyer - seems to me ortmeyer was put on the 4th line to be a defensive minded player, and he did that, he wasnt thrown on the powerplay or given 1st line time, his job was clear and he excelled doing it

balej - i remember balej starting on the 4th line here and looking like crap his first 2 games, then suddenly he was put in his proper position with better quality players and suddenly we saw this kid who looked alot like radek dvorak

tyutin - another perfect example, of a player who wasnt rushed back from injury, they took their time with him, put him with a solid partner and we got our cornerstone defensemen

now lets compare that with lundmark, who was flipped from line to line all season long, never being given a defined role, shifting from center, to winger to defensive minded center to 2nd line center? what do you think the results will be with a young kid? this isnt an old veteran who is established, this is a kid trying to find his place, but how can he when hes coming back from injury and being tossed from line to line

those kids showed they can play and were successful because they were given a role and did it, unlike lundmark who was told to be more physical and better defensively, then at the end of the season when all the scrubs were here, suddenly he was suppossed to be a 2nd line center and suddenly score goals

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