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07-05-2008, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Black Label View Post
Yeah but you guys should be creative and not recycle the old Chuck Norris facts (counted to infinity twice , can slam a revolving door ect). ...
Ok, most of what i posted in this thread is from me but here i go:

Arnold Schwarzenneger modeled his 'Terminator' role after seeing George play.

Green tomatoes turn red immediately when they see George Laraque.

George Laraque translated in Mongolian comes out as 'Gengis Khan'.

George never gets a haircut, he just looks in a mirror and stares the hair down and it grows back in.

George Laraque can listen to Frédéric Chopin's "Minute Waltz" in 10 seconds.

George Laraque has a dog, its a poodle... A poodle of blood!!

George Laraque skates slowly only to make the other players look good.

When George Laraque was in his teens, he trained as a javelin thrower. It didnt work out for him, they're still waiting for the javelin to stop orbiting the Earth.

When George Laraque eats alphabet soup, the soup makes complete sentences. Because its him...

Canadian Tire is renaming their 'Hardware' department and will now call it "Laraquewear".

George Laraque never wears a hard hat on a construction site because:
A - Falling bricks go out of their way to not hit him.
B - He just does not need one.

ok, thats all i can do for now.

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