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07-06-2008, 01:09 PM
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Kovy definitely deserves this extension.

The people saying Kovalev is inconsistent are right, except for one thing: the teams he played in prior to last year were never HIS team. It's clear Kovalev is a leader. He never was treated as such before last year. He was never given the control of a team before last year. What happened last year when he was finally put in charge? Yeah, you know the rest.

The fact is, Kovy thrives best when in charge...not when behind other star players or other leaders, as we saw in '06-'07 when Souray and Koivu were in charge. Now, he knows the Habs are HIS team. The fact that he got the C when Koivu got hurt proved it.

Now I might be wrong, but I see no reason to think that Kovalev, in an environment that is built around him with players that play his type of game, where he is the leader, would go back to being inconsistent. We saw it this year, the man has the talent to be one of the best. The players around him didn't change. He still is clearly the leader of this team, a fact that even Koivu seems to have accepted. There is no better place to perform for him than in Montreal.

Bob Gainey knows this. If Kovalev ask for 6M/year for 3 years, he will give it to him. Kovy's in perfect physical condition, and is clearly not close to retirement save for a career-ending injury. 6M/year for a ppg player, with the new contracts given is a bargain, especially for what Kovy also brings in leadership and media coverage. Bob knows that.

Bash all you want, but with the reasons I stated, I doubt Kovy wouldn't brign his a-game. Now, to each his own, you people think whatever you want, but to me this is only common sense...

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