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07-06-2008, 05:26 PM
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Yeah, I play in Oz aswell, I find its just cheaper to order stuff from overseas and it arrives pretty darn quick to.. about a week in most cases.

Normally you wont get slugged with the import tax, if the order is less than about 1000, thats the magic number i seem to have found. But im not 100% and cant guarantee, that.

Ive ordered stuff around the 500-600 dollar range without getting taxed. But one order where i ordered about 1200 bucks worth of stuff, me and a couple of mates we ended up getting slugged with the import tax.

Its normally better to consider sticks and other gear as separate. Sticks will normally be sent in a separate package and will pay a hefty shipping fee. So the best bet is to get a few when you do order.. so it makes sense with the shipping percentage.

I normally get all the guys I play with and we do a team order... makes sense shipping wise and is at times about 50% - 60% cheaper than buying anything in Australia.

That should get you started anyways.

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