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07-06-2008, 08:39 PM
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American cities are relatively safe except for the inner cities. The crime rates are supposedly statistically similar except for the inner cities in the USA. Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olson, and the Mayorthorpe copkiller are Canucks.

Health care is obviously guarenteed and cheaper in Canada and education is dramatically cheaper in Canuckland if you have kids. You also are less likely to have to send your kids to fight useless wars in Canuckland although that too seems to be changing. If you develop a mental illness in the USA you are homeless or thrown in prison and drooling sharing a 10 by 10 with 3 paedaphiles.

Labour laws are more stringently enforced in Canada. In some ways this is good but in some ways, without productivity as a measure, the workplace is politicized with worker on worker bullying commonplace.

Taxes are higher in Canada with mortgage interest deductible in the USA. Many Americans seem housepoor however, and there is no Canada pension plan laying a grand a month on you when you are peeing in a bag. Many have large company pensions which are being cut back all the time.

There are not the sheer amount of fantastic economic opportunities to strike it rich as there are in the USA. However, maybe luck and shucksterism is the determining criteria everywhere with Canada not having the critical mass. Alberta is booming. $100.00 per hour is commonplace (my fee which is low).

I saw a program where they indicated that the USA was considering eliminating dual citizenship. The program was about how dual Can/Leb citizens in Lebanon were rescued but not the USA citizens. I had a coworker who was an American citizen who had his wife deliver in the USA for these purposes.

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