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07-06-2008, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by suprez View Post
Kovy vs Wayne

Puck handling ? Kovalev
Skating agility? Kovalev
Streng? Kovalev
Charisma? Kovalev
Biggest dick? Kovalev
Best hair cut? Kovalev
Best pilot? Kovalev
Best fighter? Kovalev
Best checker? Kovalev

Outside of Points. Kovalev pwn Wayne .
Wayne was a genius to understand play . Because outside of it he was quite average . I just don't like Wayne.

At least Kovy don't hide behind 24 bodyguard .
why should anyone take what you say with any seriousness what so ever after you say something like that? i mean, the fact you say that makes everything you say about gretz vs kovy to be fully subjective right? of course.. i mean its like arguing britney is more talented then aguilera because you think britney is easier (and therefore aguilera sucks).

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