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06-08-2004, 06:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Killer 93
Well, he exaggerated a bit then, because he would have never seen the ice if he was benched everytime he made a mistake.

He can't handle the pressure of Toronto, neither could a guy like Modin that is understandable. I am sure it will not be the last time it happens.
Not trying to start an argument here, but who are you to say he exaggerated? Perhaps that is what was told to him or perhaps that is how he felt. Maybe, just maybe that is how it was...perhaps.

My point is that you do not know what mistakes would cost him playing time any more than I do. Jackman does. He was being candid in his responses to reporters when asked about his new found confidence.
And that is all it was....confidence and a legitimate opportunity where he felt comfortable enough to play his game his way.

None of us are in any position to question what went on in the locker room. Obviously he felt more comfortable playing in Pitt and he stated it was because he knew he wouldnt sit for games at a time if he made a mistake. Who knows what the degree or what the exact mistake he is refering to was?

Certain players do not mesh with certain types of coaches. This was the case with Jackman/Quinn. It doesnt make Quinn a poor coach, it just means he wasn't the right fit with one player, while doing a great job with others.

This isnt a jab at Quinn or the Leafs, but in all honesty, Jackman wasn't given the same legitimate chance in TO as he was in Pitt. That is because the situations were totally different. But TO didn't show as much patience with him as they could have. Judging by his explosion on his arrival in Pitt, they gave up on a very strong asset, one which, if handled differently, could have possibly done the same thing in TO.
It isnt so much the fault of any personnel in TO as it is the situation. The whole difference was pressure. Everyone in TO was under pressure to win, which definatley affected Jackman's psyche. He was not under the same pressure in Pitt, so he played very loose hockey. It was fun again and he played mostly mistake free hockey.
I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop after reading about his awful mistakes he continuously made in TO, yet it didnt happen in Pitt.
He made a mistake here and there, but they were few and far between.

As far as value, upside and production, this was a major fleecing by Pitt. Probably the most lopsided trade of the season IMO.
Yet for whatever reason, he couldnt get it done for the Leafs.
Oh well, TO's loss is the Pens gain!

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