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07-07-2008, 08:41 AM
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Last season was an aberration and, Rangers fans know, his decline in points had more to do with lack of team chemistry and proper line mates than in any real decline due to age
Why would that have changed this season? He basically would have the same teammates surrounding him and less Straka who is someone he needed.

how often can you find that 100 point winger even though, on this team, which is no longer built to Jagr, he's like fitting a circle in a square peg, but that's not what I'm talking about here.
Why aren't you talking about that if its incredibly relevant to the decision the Rangers made? You cannot dismiss the fact that this team went out and bought 2 centers for over 5 years each that needed a different syle of play to succeed. Why put that off another 2 years and delay the inevitable?
You couldnt continue surrounding Jagr, a guy who was scheduled to turn 38 in his two year contract and hinge his performance on the belief that he might get it together with the current lineup?

This was the right move IMO.

And its really not about Jagr and what he can and cannot do at his age. It was more of risk resigning him and wondering if he would get back to form (because lets face it, it took him 70 games to start playing at the level the Rangers needed him to). Three years in a row the Rangers had to bust ass to make the playoffs and wore themselves out in the process. If Jagr would have been going full bore the entire season the Rangers might have claimed the division. Thats a whole different argument.

What you can't argue is what this team wanted to do, which was to get younger and play a certain brand of hockey. Its evident with the moves they made and are making that thats what they want to do. Jagr's style of play, and the teams reaction to his wants and needs as a star player is the issue.

Am I the only fan who feels like Jagr still has greatness in him? Do any other Rangers fans think it sets a dangerous precedent to lose one of our best players to another league? Am I the only one with a great feeling of loss?
No, you are not. I still believe he can play at a very high level. And despite all Ive said, I am going to miss the big guy as well. Its tough to take a step back and look at the team perspective as a fan, but thats what we have to do here. I believe it was the correct decision. Time will tell.

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