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07-07-2008, 09:50 AM
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[QUOTE=Bruinsfan1;14770964]The only time i ever cried after a game/sport i played was the last game of my Youth hockey career. Some of you may not be interested, but maybe a few are.

I played for a team in massachusetts for my whole career. ALthough i was playing in a higher leauge by bantams, My heart always lied with them.

It was in the state Championship (No teams from the team i played for EVER won states) and we already won the first 2 games. game 3 was literally stolen from us by the referees. (i won't get into detail). After the game, I couldn't help but just lie on the ice with my teary eyes and think about the countless memories and friends i made in my 7 year tenure in the organization. I thought of my development as a player, going from not knowing how to skate to a bench clearing brawl in PWs to a 65 goal season.

Throughout the season, the kids looked up to me as a leader, both emotionally and physically. I was the player who always stuck up for his team, never backed down from anyone...was sorta the "tough guy" of the team.

anyone else have any experiences like this? Coaching or playing[/QUOT

But if you won the first 2 games and that was game 3 shouldnt you have a couple more games to go?

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