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Originally Posted by OilFanInCowtown View Post
My understanding has always been that the IR counts against the cap, but the LTIR is a special case that does not count against the cap.

See 'Mogilny, Alexander'.

Is the reason it does not count this year because of the 'possibly final year of this CBA' clause? It would have been legal last year for Buffalo, then, no?

Edit: By 'count against the cap', I refer to the possibility of legally exceeding the cap and using cap dollars the next season to pay it off.
Nope. As I said, and quoted the damn CBA:

A player on LTIR still has his salary count against the cap. It is just that a team has an exception to exceed the cap. If a team is not at or near the cap, they get absolutely no cap relief from LTIR.

You're thinking of the Performance Bonus Cushion. That is the only case where a team could end up exceeding the cap and apply the excess over to the next season.

For Performance Bonuses, all possible bonuses (earned or not) are included when averaging a players contract for their cap hit. Normally, a team was allowed to exceed the cap by up to 7.5% due to Performance Bonuses. If at the end of the year, the actual bonuses earned put the team over the Upper Limit, then they could carry forward that excess and apply it to the next seasons cap. Since this coming season is technically the last year of the CBA (the NHLPA has an option to re-open it in Sept '09), teams are not allowed to carry over and the 7.5% Perfromance Bonus Cushion does NOT apply this year.

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