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07-07-2008, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by sandman08 View Post
thats great and all and i know all of that but why would they trade lombardi? what benefit would THEY get by doing it?
Comply with the cap space limitation; that's only why. They are no longer in a position to seek a great benefit.

Now don't ask me why they thought that it made sense to sign Bertuzzi given their cap space situation.

But again, given Mike Keenan's way... it makes sense in his own head to put Bertuzzi on board and let a player like Lombardi go.

Now what may make more sense for Calgary is to trade a player with a higher salary than Lombardi. But guess what, they have signed 7 defensemen and 13 forwards... So unless they decide to go with 6 defensemen (which would bring your "what-if-someone-get hurts" argument)... they have to let a forward or two go.... If you let two forwards go... they again your what-if-someone-get=hurts argument is even more prominent... So we are down to trading a high salary among forwards....

In order of salary (cap impact) on the Calgary roster we have:

Iginla at 7 million
Langkow at 5 million
Cammalleri at 3.35 million
Bertuzzi at 1.95 million
then Lombardi at 1.817 million

What didn't help Calgary is to sign Bertuzzi... that I can not do anything about it... So the best they can do forward wise is to trade Lombardi for no player...

Their other option would be to trade a high salary among their defensemen and get a cheap defenseman in return.

I can't think of a lot of team jumping on such proposition if Aucoin is the say defenseman.

They just signed Phaneuf, Reheger, and Vendermeer to new contracts and unless your a team of questionable morale like Tampa Bay, you don't trade a player after signing him (humm Ottawa did it with Hossa - but Hossa was being a contract pain in the butt I suppose).

You've got Eriksson but at 1.5 million, and getting a player in return... you are in no better situation than trading Lombardi.

We are down to Sarich at 3.6 million and Warrener at 2.35 million.

So there is no answer to your question: What benefit would they get by doing this? Other than comply to the cap space limit.

The real question is: Why did they sign Bertuzzi and put themselves in such a situation?

I think they are left to trade Lombardi for a prospect or draft pick , or exchange Sarich or Warrener for a cheap NHL defenseman... (Or maybe they have a young defenseman in the pipeline and can settle for a draft pick or prospect).

It's no longer a question what can they do that really benefit them, but what do they have to do to comply with the cap space restriction.

My question to you, given that they just signed Bertuzzi, what can they do to get out of this mess?

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