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Originally Posted by nyr7andcounting View Post
No way. They already went overboard by retiring Graves. Stop handing out jersey retirements like they're nothing.
Thankfully the rest have gotten to you first so I won't even qualify your absurd statement about going overboard with Graves with a response.

As for Jagr, I would think that in the spirit of why jerseys get retired you could argue that his (and quite frankly he more than carried the team essentially on his own the first year) success in leading this club back to respectability would qualify. That said, it isn't enough and he didn't spend enough years in blue for it to make sense.

I definitely think he deserves a night to honor him and his contributions to the Rangers -- queue all the haters. I have yet to see a coherent, factually supported argument as to why it was imperative not to re-sign him. We didn't and that's life but I think the argument about how not signing him is a huge improvement for our team is dubious at best. He was an incredible Ranger and the only ammo that the naysayers have is an unfortunate off-year (which apparently guarantees his skill is gone just like Malone's career year proves from here on out he is going to be a top NHL forward) and his oft-misquoted and misinterpreted comments on how he didn't go 100% every night of the regular season. First, that's probably true for most player, especially aging ones and second, there were plenty of nights where he was on fire and dominating and just couldn't get a break (like any of his teammates) to save his life.

But I digress....retire? No. Honor and appreciate? Yes!

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