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06-08-2004, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by NataSatan666
The puck was in the air,if it was on the ice with that picture it would have been a conclusive GOAL. Since it was in the air there are no pictures that will show a goal being scored and since thats the case it was the RIGHT call
whats the width of the red line, width of a puck, height of the "blur" in the image. Compare that to a real puck tilted to accomplish that height then what is the width... what is the width of the space between Khabi's pad and the red line. Does the width of the puck on the slant to accomplish the height of the blur have the chance to fit in the space between his pads and NOT be over the red line any?

nuts questions, but it can all be answered using the red line as the constant. The red line's width cant and never will change. so you could use that as a basis and find out just how close it was.

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