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07-07-2008, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
He needs to talk with Laraque.
And so does Latendresse. I would put both as roommate...

Flynn seems good but he does not have the stability of Laraque on the ice when fighting.
Laraque is so strong and stable on the ice, he fights like a Workbench while on skates.

I am sure that Laraque can give him some tricks.

I saw what Chara did to Latendresse in PO, this may have to do something with that.
Habs management believed referee could stop it.
But obviously, Chara hit on Kovalev was as dirty as it can be. Chara acted like a goon and was not penalized.
Referee can't do it, so they are getting the weapons.

Laraque is a tough fighter but he is also totally fair.

Flynn had a freak incident but he seems very good as an enforcer.
With 0.5 ppg in his junior makes us believe he can play hockey...
0.5 ppg with 365 penaly minutes. He must be doing other stuff well...
I hope he can improve on the hockey side in Hamilton.

Perfectly in line with Carbo, I don't want a goon only, he has to play hockey.
Now they need to develop his hockey.
A goon who can play hockey is a presence felt on the ice all the time...
Don't read too much into that. That was a really good Mooseheads team on which players were approaching 150 pts on the season. To put this all in perspective, Jody Shelley (during junior) showed much more offensive talent than Flinn and look at him now. Basically imagine a player who was almost as good at enforcing as Shelley, but isn't as (offensively) talented as Shelley (that's obviously a VERY relative scale). That's what we have gotten in Ryan Flinn.

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