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07-08-2008, 04:06 PM
Chris Nilan
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post

Alright, so everyone knows the story with Corey Locke.

However, I'm sure a few people can back me here.. Corey Locke was the 2nd most important piece to the Calder Cup winning Hamilton Bulldogs a few seasons ago.

Anyway, Locke has been a huge part of developing our young players

I think it's about time to give him a shot.
Basically, there are 4 pts listed above. I've seen too much of Corey Locke over the time he's been in H-town.

1. The story is that in addition to being small, chunky, slow and soft, he's also a child. He pouts on the ice if things aren't going his way--from teammates not doing something he wants to bad bounces. It's either perfect for him or you get nothing out of him. In the OHL he could rely on talent to get him by. You can't do that playing with men and playing with people who can skate.

2. Carey Price and a solid defensive game carried that team. Have a look at which players were brought up last year. Nuff said.

3. Developing our young players? What? There are coaches for that. Plus, Locke was not good enough to play with the better players. He couldn't keep up with them. He played with Milroy and a collection of parts last year b/c he can't keep up. Grabovski was much better last year. SK was much better last. AK46 was being wasted playing with Locke b/c Locke couldn't keep up. Not just speed-wise, either. The passes weren't as quick or accurate, the decisions weren't quick enough, the reactions aren't quick enough.

4. Deserves a shot? He's lucky if they bring him back.

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