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06-08-2004, 07:41 PM
Donnie D
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The best for me is personal - Attending game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals with my son, who is going off to college next year. Less than 250,000 people in the world in history have ever attended a Stanley Cup Finals game 7, and my son and I got to share that moment together. Something I would have always remembered even if the Bolts had lost. And then, after watching bad hockey together in Tampa for many years, being able to end that chapter with a Stanley Cup Victory.

Dave raising the cup - "Dreams can come true, they can happen to you, if you're young at heart."

The fans from out of the area that attended the Forum from Calgary, Philly and Montreal (Not that many New Yorkers came down to watch the Islanders) that I got to meet and talk to. Hockey fans are great.

Worst - The NHL pulling Frazier from game 6. The long term effect of letting fans determine who refs a game is chilling. Either he should have been there or he shouldn't have been in game 6 either.

The USA / Canada "rivalry" - When you have an international sport, nationality kind of loses its importance.

The diving

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