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07-09-2008, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by BigTimer View Post
Your jealousy over my intellectual and just overall superiority is plain immature... I mean cmon, you should be used to being inferior by now.

Learn your role in society and accept it.
LoL, no comment in regards to your aforementioned remarks and predictions?

How does it to feel to have close to over 2000 posts, and make an incorrect assumption on all of them?

rofl, suggesting that Jason Allison being better than Kovalev and then watching NOBODY sign Allison while Kovalev has one of the best individual seasons in the NHL.
Habs being a mediocre team, but then winning the conference 7 months later. Demanding that Carbo get fired, but then watching him get nominated for the Jack Adams...

How could one poster be SOOOO wrong, SOOOO often and still post as if they're held in high regard?

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