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Originally Posted by bmoak View Post
The British Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) has been around since 2003. Before that, it was known as the British Ice hockey SuperLeague (BISL). It's probably most famous because Theo Fleury ended his career playing for the Belfast Giants.

The EIHL is becoming a popular destination for minor-league vets at the ECHL/CHL level. First, a player signing there doesn't have to worry about language issues. Second, because the EIHL depends much more on Canadian and American imports than other European leagues, they play a more North American style. I would say that the level of play is slightly below ECHL-level.

IIRC, there used to be a poster on this board who worked for an EIHL team. londonranger, perhaps?
The very favorable exchange rate doesn't hurt either, I'm sure!

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