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07-09-2008, 10:14 AM
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Another perspective from a Buffalo fan:

I see some comparisons of Kalinin to Malik and I can tell you that Dmitri is a better d-man than Malik. A lot of Buffalo fans got on Dmitri because he wasn't what he should have been, that is, a top pairing d-man. Kalinin has first pairing talent; there is no doubt about that. The problem with him is his inconsistency. There have been stretches where he looked like an All-Star, played 24 minutes a night and worked all special teams. Then there were stretches where he coughed up the puck, looked lost and icetime was dropped to 15 minutes or less. The main problem with Tree is that he is mentally fragile. When he is on, he's your best d-man (and I'm not exaggerating); when he's off, he needs his ass nailed to the bench.

Positives to his game: good speed, can jump up into the play effectively, will use his body for positioning, can be used in any situation

Negatives: mentally fragile, inconsistent (lacking passion?), doesn't take criticism well.

The last negative, I think, can be attributed to Lindy Ruff. Now I still think Lindy is one of the best coaches out there (and no one will change my mind about that), but he has, at times, torn Kalinin apart and basically embarassed him in front of his mates. I have never seen Lindy do this to any other player he's ever had. Perhaps he just lost it with a player who has SO MUCH talent, but refused to regularly use it.

Hope this helps.

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