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07-09-2008, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
You know what buddy? You're a little bitch. Just because some people have to make ends meet and can't comply with overpriced sports tickets doesn't make you ANYTHING. You have money, but deep down you are NOTHING. If I ever saw you, and you said this to me, you'd be using your money to pay for a bodyguard to make sure I never came back around again, you snot nosed little shit
I understand your frustration... but getting all riled up and angry will affect your cognitive ability, something you can not afford to do. Life is the way it is. Some people are great, some just pedestrian, and others just a waste of air. I love being great not only because I can identify the masses of people below me, but I can also make sure they dont forget their place. Controlling and manipulating the proletariat and peasants has been around for centuries and is a great insurance policy for darwinism.

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