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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
do you just disagree for the sake of disagreeing? I think you actually agree with me, or wasn't I clear. Graves wasn't here. That's the point. And as such the PP was designed to fit the style of the players. If the team had a Graves type, and a Leetch and a Zubov, perhaps we would've seen more point shots and traffic in front. But since that Graves-type wasn't here, and because there were guys like Jagr, the style of play had to be different. More passing. Hoping to catch the defense moving to sneak a shot through.

Leetch - it was inconsistent. I think most PPs are inconsistent. Montreal easily had the best PP in the league, They actually began the seasons 3 for their first 33 - 9% compared to 24% throughout the season. Down the stretch they went three straight games without a PP goal, had two games with one each and then two more straight without a goal. I was as frustrated as anyone about the PP. I thought it could've been better. I still believe that, but for the two seasons post-lockout, looking back, it wasn't all that bad. Last season, however, was pretty bad I thought.
Great post Fletch.

How often have our PP been a huge dissapointment? How often have our PK come up big?

And I defenitly agree with you about the point men, thats our biggest problem. Its complete bull that Roz, Mara and co wouldn't shoot, or that that was our biggest problem.

Shooting is like 10% of whats scoring from the blueline is all about. You need to get open lanes to get the puck through to the net, you need to have 2 guys in the face of the goalie et c et c et c.

What a Lidström does is that he can move the puck sideways along the blueline -- while beeing in perfect controll of whats gooing on on the ice, and he then manage to evalute the situation and make a perfect decision.

To say that Roz wasn't shooting enough, is exactly like if I was sitting infront of the soffa, watching a Fotball game, and screaming at the QB everytime he gets the ball for not passing the ball to that guy open in the endzone. Like "Roz shoot more" is exactly like saying "Yo Dan Marino why don't you pass that guy in the endzone more" -- "if only our QB's would figure out to pass that guy in the endzone more" et c et c et c.

Roz aint a elite PP guy. Nobody is complaining at Drury for not skating the puck up ice like Scott Gomez -- right? -- or at Marc Staal for not fighting like Colton Orr, but its Rozsival and Renney's fault that Roz isn't elite on the PP blueline?

Philly gave Kimmo Timmonen 7m per for a reason, if they could have done just as well with someone like Rozsival they wouldn't have paid a 5'10 D, who gets into problems defensivly every now and tehn, that kind of money.

Redden don't get as confused as Roz on the point, he got better track of things infront of him -- but he ain't elite either. If we are gooing to get with the game on the PP we need some gamers. I really hope that Renney manage to bring Sangunetti into the mix on the blueline atleast this season. And then Del Zotto down the road.

What we can build on now is that hightempo passing style we got gooing on the 1st unit -- IE not JJ's unit -- late in the regular season last year. With Gomez, Drury and I don't even remember who it was. Thats how Philly played it, thats how Montreal played it. Like they camp out guys like Richards and Briere on each side, and got two pointmens who also got their sticks out towards the boards and then just move it around until the box starts cheating some and then they just put it on the net and overload. This is a example of how they overload, like they move the puck around between Timmonen, Coburn and Briere -- so that the box is moved over to the left, then Timmonen gets the puck, Coburns goes towards the net, Briere goes towards the net, Knuble is at the net alread -- and Timmonen feeds Richards a saucer who in his turns just puts it on the net where they got 1 guy already in Knuble and Coburn and Briere jumping in. Thats hard to defend against.

We can do that with like Zherdev (lw) and Näslund (RW) on each sides and Gomez/Drury between them. Or why not Gomez between them and Drury on the left point and Redden on the right. We tried to do it for a while in the regular season late last year, I thought they looked good but I don't think they scored once and then Shanny got back and we went away from it. But I am sure we will try it again this season and with that approch we should be able to hit top 10-20 with the guys we got.

Also, I am a big JJ backer but I said it when he first came here, I've never been able to stand guys like Jagr or Pavel Bure and the likes on the PP. You can't have a shooter who also trys to be the setup man, that will just not work well ever.

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