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07-09-2008, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by 24morecupsthanyou View Post
i just started to post, but nice try at you trying to claim that you have a good life going.

You must not get paid very well, if you have to carefully watch the clock to make sure you have enough bills to pay for your internet bills. What do you make, minimum wage? haha.

Take it easy you joke.

P.S for the next time i see Beemer, takes premium.
Anyone who would believe YOU own a beemer is a serious tool. This coming from the guy who resorts to belittling others over grammar to make himself feel better about his own insecurities in real life. You know, the insecurity you feel about being a complete moron so you have to go online and try to insult peoples typos, grammar mistakes, etc?

You're every bit as much an idiot and a joke as the OP in this thread.

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