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Originally Posted by cbjgirl View Post
I think this is one reason why some Columbus fans had a problem with Zherdev. He basically never made himself available to the public at all. There was no "connection" between Z and the fans.

Don't be surprised if you don't ever see or hear anything about how he feels about the trade.

He is obviously extremely talented, and I hope (for your team's sake and Nik's) that he becomes comfortable (at ease, not lazy) in New York very quickly.
I personally don't give a damn if he ever gives a single interview, as long as he lights it up on the ice. I guess some people would find that annoying, but it seems like the guy is quite shy and doesn't really have the personality for the public relations stuff. And like I said, that's fine with me. He's not getting paid to talk to the press.

Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post
So he is younger what does that mean? Bad attitude is a bad attitude. Kamensky came in as a Stanley Cup champ.

I see a ton of pressure already being put on this kid and he's been here a week. People have him slotted in the top spot already. With a guy who is labeled like he has been so far, i'm not sure this is the best way for him to thrive here.
It doesn't sound like he really has a bad attitude. Kamensky had a bad attitude because he was just plain lazy and didn't care. THat doesn't seem to be the case with Zherdev.

Also, why wouldn't we want him on the 1st line? Who else is going to play that RW spot? Who is best suited for it? I don't think it's putting any kind of unnecessary pressure on him, it's just giving him the icetime he'll need to do well.

Originally Posted by bogans View Post
I have watched a great deal of Columbus games because I am totally enamored with Rick Nash and have seen a lot of Nik Zherdev. The kid is super talented and I think Renney might be the right type of coach for him, because he does play smart defensively, although sometimes too quick to get out into the offensive zone. New YOrk and the bright lights might do this kid well and if he reaches his potential it is almost limitless.

That said, could anybody see him on a line with Drury and Callahan? Gomer rushes the puck better than just about anybody else in the league. Zherdev is close behind him in that category and the two might not suit each other well. I could see him being paired with Drury for defensive consciousness and being in the right place for rebounds and Callahan to rush the net and stay with him while he dangles, providing some screens and deflections. In my head, this line just works so damn well its ridiculous.
yeah, Renney seems to be the type of coach who could do well with a shy, young player. He'll work with him closely to help him out.

As for who he'll be playing with...I don't know. I seem to be getting conflicting reports on what his best assets are. Is he a goal scorer? A playmaker? Both? If he's more of a goalscorer, he should play with Gomez. If he's more of a playmaker, he should play with Drury and help set those up. The problem with him playing with Drury if he's a goalscorer, in my opinion, is that Drury isn't really the type of player that creates opportunities for his linemates. He's usually the one cashing in on opportunities, not the one making brilliant passes or drawing the defense away, etc etc.

So, I'd go with that criteria...and if Zherdev is equally adept at both, then I guess you could use him with either one

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