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06-08-2004, 09:07 PM
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Interesting play. It seems like the puck is rolling along the ice, tangentially to the pad, much of which is clearly behind the goal-line. Based on that appearance, I don't buy the argument that it is in the air high enough to account for such an illusion. It would have to be higher than it is possible for it to be, given that much of the trajectory leading up to its final carom was along the ice, in front the goal line. If it was at all in the air at the end, it was caused by that carom with the part of the pad behind the goal-line. My take on it anyway.

In 2004, with the kind of technology available, there is really no excuse for this kind of uncertainty. You could easily imbed a bunch of minute cameras inside the goal and link them all electronically. Insulate them from any impending shock if you need to do so. You could arrange it so that at least a half-dozen of them are never occluded at any time, and make them available to the goal-judge instantly. You could go even more high-tech than that, and detect the puck crossing by image processing, and show the positively detected image on the Jumbotron in less than a second. The NHL needs more engineers in positions of influence

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