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07-09-2008, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
There are a number of folks who have been posting recently decrying the Rangers' offseason (Radek27, Bleed Ranger Blue, Blackburn2727, etc.). Personally, I am very pleased with the moves so far (and expect one more to clear up the forward glut), but you obviously wanted to see Slats do (or perhaps not do?) something else. So I have a question:

If you don't like the direction the team has taken... exactly what lineup DID you want to see? (Please refrain from goofball responses like trading Hollweg for Gaborik.)
Im absolutely thrilled, while I think it crunches us for the future, the more and more I think about it Ol' slats must have something up his sleeve.

Hopefully we can acquire another top 6 forward because honestly we have a lot of players who are ready ATM but no space for them.

For ***** sake I know these wont be the actual lines but to give you a perspective as to whats going to happen to certain players...


Left out- we have Korpedo who is very ready, Anisimov who by all accounts could come in and blow us away in camp and what aboot either Prucha or Sjostrom, one of them is an odd man out....

I wouldnt be surprised if we see Prucha/Callahan/Dawes Sangs 1st 2nd/3rd going somwhere for a legitimate top 6 forward. Who knows maybe we cna pry Frolov or Kopitar out of LA.

No we can not get a guy like Patty O'sullivan for Callahan Prucha 3rd, the NHL DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT. You must give to get.

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