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07-09-2008, 01:24 PM
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I dont post often, but I have to say its really frustrating reading all the doomsayers on the forum. I am also a little disappointed no one has answered the OP's question. It just seems to me that some people love to complain.

Lets travel back in time 4 years before the lockout when Sather traded away the entire roster at the deadline. And lets go around asking every Ranger fan if they would be happy to find out that after the inevitable lockout, the Rangers will make the playoffs 3 straight years. They will be considered to have of the best prospect pools in the league, their goalie will be nominated for the Vezina the first 3 seasons of his career, and they will roster a team with just 4 players over the age of 30 at the beginning of the 2008-2009 season. Would you be happy with that?

I think you know what the answer would be. But yet, we still have tons of people complaining. Thus far Sather and Renney have made few mistakes since taking over. You may not agree with every decision. Hell I wanted Parise really bad in 2003! But one thing I can say is that the Rangers management has earned my trust.

One other thing I can tell you with 100% certainty is that YOU DO NOT KNOW ALL THE FACTS. You arent aware of what goes on in the locker room, you dont know who is playing with injuries, you have no idea when a prospect is ACTUALLY going to be ready, and you aren't on the conference call with Sather and player Agents. 2 people that do have this info are Sather and Renney.

Avery may be my all time favorite player. Hate to see him go. But I see the facts. Avery does take shifts off. And he did this during 2 contract years with the Rangers. How many shifts will he take off during a 4 year contract? And it doesnt matter what you hear in the press, on the players and management really know what affect Avery has on the team off the ice.

As for Jagr. No one can argue the team was built around Jagr. We have two 7 million dollar centers playing behind a rookie center because Jagr(our captain) didnt like playing with them. Oh yeah... and he also admits he wasnt trying hard during the regular season. Thanks Cap-i-tan!

As for Renney... Maybe he coached the way he did last season because we had bad defensemen? Or maybe it was because Drury and Gomez had weak wingers and Jagr wasnt producing? So he tried to play strong D? We will never know these things, because like I said above, we dont have all the facts.

What we do know is now that Jagr is gone, Renney is moving towards a system that he would rather play. And for all the people ready to string him up if this seasons doesnt go well... shove it. I am sure Sather and Renney would rather have Gaborik than Naslund, but Naslund was what was available. So I dont feel this is a "Make it, or Break it" season for him. I doubt this is his IDEAL roster. But with the facts that he had, and the options that were available, Renney and Sather tried to make the best possible team that they could.

And I would take Renney's and Sather's decisions over any internet lawn chair quarterback that lacks the facts.

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